Property Management Services

For over 20 years, Atlantic Marina has specialised in investment property management and the realty industry. With decades of combined experience in the tourism,property sectors,finance and customer services, Atlantic Marina’s passionate family of employees have earned it an excellent reputation as one of the leading serviced apartment management companies. As one of the first to attain accreditation at the V&A Marina Waterfront Residential apartments, Atlantic Marina have proven their dedication to their clients and tenants time and time again.

Our primary service, the management of investment property on behalf of their clients, removes all of the hassle of maintaining a property portfolio. The greatest benefit to clients, peace of mind, comes as a result of the meticulous maintenance of properties ensured by Atlantic Marina. Beyond the paperwork and financials all covered by such a property management company, having faith that your property will remain in pristine condition (through the dedication of the AM team) is the greatest comfort.

Apartment Rental Management

It is unnecessary to waste your time managing multiple properties across the globe when a highly capable rental management team can do it for you. A diligent work ethic and passion for the industry allows Atlantic Marina to minimise your stress while maximising your returns. 

The recent boom in serviced apartment rentals in Cape Town comes as no surprise due to the flexibility, affordability, and comfort of a self-catering home away from home. While more and more tourists abandon hotels for a luxury rental, the old-fashioned methods of leaving the keys with a neighbour or under the doormat are long gone. Instead of managing all of this yourself, a reliable property manager can ensure:

●       Marketing and exposure year-round to increase occupancy

●       Sound returns despite inconvenient expenses like rates, taxes and levies

●       Monitoring of occupancy in and out of season

●       Secure, real-time booking management.

But most importantly, having a team of professionals taking care of your property means you never have to travel to deal with any problems, large or small, that may arise.

Apartment Management Services

In addition to the above, Atlantic Marina offers the following services:

●       Administration: the property management team is responsible for working with the Body Corporate and Home Owners Association ensuring all paperwork is up to date. Similarly, acting as a middle-man, all issues are solved collaboratively with service providers and maintenance managers quickly and efficiently.

●       Tenant Management: the property manager liaises with all guests and facilitates through each step of the process from enquiries and bookings to check-ins and post-stay services.

●       Finances: occupancy, income and expenses are all summarised each month in financial reports.

●       Property Maintenance: any physical services required by the property such as refurbishments, interior design or daily housekeeping are provided.

●       Operations Management: Atlantic Marina offers dedicated, on-site operations managers every day of the year.

Property Managing Services Fees

Atlantic Marina takes excellent care of their clients and the properties they manage. Daily costs such as cleaning and maintenance, guest management, repairs and refurbishments contribute to the premium, hassle-free service. The fees which support the team of committed staff allocated to your property are dwarfed in comparison to the load they will take off your mind.

Despite this, Atlantic Marina strives to provide their outstanding service at very competitive prices. For any or specific details, please don’t hesitate to contact     [email protected] or Louise@atlanticmarina also available on 021 418 0128 on further information and costs.

Be sure to visit Atlantic Marina to enquire about listing your property or check out what existing properties they have on offer.