A Cape Town Vacation

Posted on Wed October 16, 2019.

Cape Town continues to ride a wave of popularity amongst tourists, particularly in the summer periods, and it is a small wonder as to why. Anyone visiting is presented with a treasure trove of places to stay: the comfort and safety of the V&A Waterfront apartments; Kalk Bay and its early-morning surfs; or the serenity of one of our local wine farms, equipped with cheese, wine and breath-taking mountain views. The beaches, as well as all other worthy attractions, are only a short car ride away. Anything and everything are in close proximity in this city, so you can have your to-do list all ticked off without travelling an hour from your luxury apartment.

Lesser Known Local Secrets:

●      Granger Bay Market:

Here you can find fresh, sustainably-sourced produce along with any number of breakfast and lunch options: whether you’re looking for a hearty paella, a classic full breakfast or a stack of healthy pumpkin pancakes, Granger Bay will have something to your taste. The trick is to go on Sunday when it is less busy. Be sure to grab a freshly-squeezed juice and some flowers on your way out!

●      The Labia:

Just next to the Mount Nelson Hotel, this boutique cinema spot will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time – in the best possible way. Tickets are cheap and you’re also allowed to bring in your own food and drink, although refreshments are available from the stall and café. We’d highly recommend popping into Unframed Ice-Cream after for some of the best ice-cream you’ll have this year.

●      Athletic Club and Social:

The kind-of new kid on the block, this drinks and dinner spot offers something a little different to your standard Cape Town Saturday night. Set a little away from the hustle and bustle of long street, you will find a variety of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, the décor of a speakeasy and drinks which both look and taste delicious. This spot is close enough to the main social hubs around town, however it is just as suited for a cosy dinner date.

●       Bakoven Beach:

It’s not Camps Bay, and that’s a perk. Tucked away en route to Llandudno, this little beach is well-equipped: the small cove is perfectly safe for children to splash around, otherwise a swim or paddle a bit further out will present you with the most stunning views of the coast. Remember, you’re on the Atlantic seaboard, so this will be sure to refresh you on a hot summer’s day.

A diversity of Attractions:

●      Boulders Beach:

Take a trip out to Simon’s town to swim, tan, read and most importantly, be surrounded by the local penguins. You’ll find them waddling around the beach or splashing in the shallow water – whatever the case they welcome company.

●       Lion’s Head:

Experience a full revolution of views during your ascent on this well-travelling and very safe route. If you’re feeling adventurous keep an eye out for one of the hidden caves nestled on the face of the mountain. Sunrise and Sunset are particularly popular, providing one of the best views you’ll see in Cape Town.

●      Constantia Glen:

Popular amongst the locals, treat yourself to a wine and cheese tasting on this picturesque wine farm before exploring the vineyards and surrounds.

The V&A Waterfront:

A day or two (or three) exploring the waterfront needs to be done by any first-time visitor. The mall itself is worth the visit if some retail therapy is on the cards, however the real treasures lie outside this building. Wander through the Watershed market any time of day or else have an indulgent lunch overlooking the marina, enjoying freshly-caught fish. Support local artists who often perform at the amphitheatre or even hop onto the Cape Town Eye for an elevated view. If you can, try to catch a boat out at sunset. You’re almost guaranteed to see dolphins, all the while watching Cape Town unfold in front of you into a classic postcard picture.

Regardless of how you like to spend your holiday – be it indoors, hiking, visiting the beach or enjoying world-class food – you can be sure that Cape Town will deliver on all aspects spectacularly.